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Since January 2020

Runway Gallery is a fashion focused art gallery and the virtual home of Beautalism. The new and emerging art movement acclaimed for bringing beauty back into the London art scene. 

Made up of a group of artists who stand as the antithesis of the urban, East London art scene. The creations of the Beautalists are far from gritty. The artists themselves are a diverse group of eccentrics and misfits. Who use an array of mediums, their art ranges from the traditional to the obscure. One thing they all have in common is a drive to elevate art by returning to beauty. 

The past few decades have seen artists and critics placing value on ‘ideas’ over and above aesthetic appeal in art. Favouring concept rather than appearance. This over conceptualisation reinforces the elitism and stereotypical snobbery of the art world. Depriving the artist and the public alike by making art seem unreachable. 

Current Exhibitions

Brian Reinker

Brian Reinker

January - April 2022 2nd floor

Brian Reinker is an established London based artist who’s use of colour, texture and precision is unique. Working with the medium of college his artworks are created using paper, foil and other materials to make multi layered interpretations of landscapes - both real and imagined - as well as urban environments, architecture and nature.

Trained as an architect his attention to detail, use of graphic elements and colour theory are evident in the many series that have been produced in recent years. Recently he has been making custom coloured paper that is waxed and polished to fabricate distinctive works rich in texture and colour. Other themes recently explored include reinterpretations of textiles and fabrics, travel memories and the continued observations of London’s ever-changing skies and reflections.

Saatchi Art selected him as one of 21 Artists to collect in 2021 and in addition he was selected to exhibit at the 2021 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. He is represented by Runway Gallery and participated in numerous solo, joint and group exhibitions. His work can be found in collections in The Americas, Europe, the Far East and Australia.

Sasha Pivovarova Sasha Pivovarova

Sasha Pivovarova

December 2021 - May 2022 1st floor lounge

Fall into the fantastical fairytale land of artist and supermodel – Sasha Pivovarova in conversation with Megan Slack for Magazine

Sasha Pivovarova is the woman who has broken the record as the longest appearing model for Prada, graced countless covers of international Vogue, and is one of top 30 models of the decade.

Yes-Sasha Pivovarova has dominated the fashion industry in every way possible, ever since she first captivated Miuccia Prada in 2005. However, this Russian supermodel is also an artist, who is drawing from her globally enriched experiences to make her mark in the art world.

“My sketchbook was always my sanctuary which allowed me to get out of reality and sink into the wonderful world of my imagination” began Sasha, as she recalled her relationship with art while growing up in Moscow. As a child, Sasha learnt how to express herself through a range of diverse creative mediums, from a simple mark on a piece of paper or in the sand, to the walls of the State capital. 

Evi Antonio

Evi Antonio

January 2021- March 2022 First floor bar

Evi Antonio’s art is a celebration of the intricate details of the natural world. From the wing structure of a five horned rhinoceros beetle to the tentacles of a common lobster, she is driven by the desire to reveal and pinpoint details that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Evi embraces new technology to express her vision, combining digitally created artwork with hand finished traditional oil glazing techniques to add intensity and depth. The result is enlarged natural forms that create the same sense of curiosity and wonder that a museum specimen cabinet holds.

‘I seek out moments that occur in my present urban setting, where evolving abstract beauty, deconstruction and decay collide.

In nature I see infinite patterns, symmetry, intricate and perfect.  On the streets I see something similar emerging from unexpected beauty on the walls and streets as I walk around London. I’d like to take the viewer on my journey where my love for nature and urban landscape collide and combine in harmony.’

Pandemonia Pandemonia


November 2020 May 2022 the Den

Pandemonia is a character and persona created as conceptual art by an anonymous London-based artist that has appeared in the art and fashion world since 2009.[1] Clad in a latex full-head mask with stylized hair and latex dresses,[1] Pandemonia is seven feet tall and was described by Katia Ganfield of Vice as "Roy Lichtenstein's blonde caricatures ... brought to life as a 7 ft Jeff Koons inflatable".[2] She is often accompanied by an inflatable white dog named Snowy.[1][2]

Pandemonia told Stylist:

Back in 2008 the newspapers were full of celebrities. I was drawn towards creating art that documented our time. It seemed evident to me that the best way to parody this world would be to create my very own celebrity. I created a truly artificial one, in the spirit of consumerist values. Slim, tall, glossy, forever young and, of course, famous.[1]

Past Shows

Bruce Atherton Bruce Atherton

Bruce Atherton

September 2020- November 2021 Ground floor

In 2001, Bruce won official recognition at the XXIII annual international exhibition of fine art in Sulmona, winning the Targa D’Argento, and shortly after, he began his collaboration with the gallery Magrorocca in Milan.

2001 heralded the beginning of another important phase of Bruce's career when he was asked to collaborate with the Vatican in Rome painting new images of neo-canonized saints and official portraits. Bruce completed 13 official paintings for the Postulation of the Vatican, and continued to collaborate with the Vatican as a official Vatican Portrait Painter until 2007.

In 2004 Bruce Atherton returned to London to finalize his education receiving his master degree in Digital Art with distinction at University of the Arts, London and began working for the research department with Dr. John Tchalenko. In 2006 Bruce started collaborating with Factum-Arte in the production of large scale airbrushed artworks, for the high end art market.

Bruce is currently developing his new works and is preparing a series of upcoming exhibitions, in Denmark, Germany and the UK.

Sue Dray Sue Dray

Sue Dray

January 2020 - September 2020 1st and 2nd floors

Sue Dray has illustrated for over 40 years at the start of her career she worked for groundbreaking feminist publications Spare Rib and The Women’s Press, as well as for the gay community: Gay Men’s Press, Gay Pied and Gay News with the work all archived in The British Library. 

Through the 80s she’s been published extensively with high profile authors such as Fay Weldon, Margaret Atwood and John Mortimer.

Sue draws backstage for Vivienne Westwood and Andrew Logan’s Alternative Miss World in a signature style that combines strong lines with painterly textures and bright, contrasting colour, focusing on the haptic of creating. 

‘Amongst all the hair-coiffing, nail-painting and lip-slicking going on backstage during our Red Label Spring/Summer show, it was a wonderful change in tempo to see fashion illustrator, Sue Dray, capture these moments with serene calm. Sat quietly and unobserved, sketching away she created some beautiful illustrations that brings our collection and the mood backstage to life. These illustrations by Sue Dray tell the story of a fashion show, from start to finish’. Quote VW press release

Corran Brownlee

Corran Brownlee

September 2020 - September 2021 1st floor lounge

Corran Brownlee spent his early years in Calgary, Canada before moving to London where he immersed himself in the British film industry as a storyboard artist and illustrator. After thirteen years in London and a year in New York working as a senior creative for a visual effects company, Corran returned to Calgary, where he now lives and works. His work continues to harbor the aesthetic he developed in London, stripped back images in black and white, haunting snapshots of untold narratives. Throughout his career, he has explored different mediums including film, mixed media, and is now focusing primarily on charcoal and oil. Corran's work is part of private and corporate collections in Europe, the United States, and Canada.

Hormazd Narielwalla - Paper Dolls

Hormazd Narielwalla - Paper Dolls

Nov 2017 - Jan 2018 - First Floor

The artist Hormazd Narielwalla is as much a magnificent narrator as he is a skilled tailor of intricate visual stories. Born in India and now living in London, with recent shows at Southbank Centre and the Royal Academy, Narielwalla has carved out his unique place on the contemporary art scene as the master puppeteer, instilling new life into paper shapes from the past through the creation of rich layers of meaning, symbolism and sublime abstract patterns of colour and form alike.

Narielwalla’s work is an open invitation to the spectator to join him on a journey in the mind, an offering of unknown splendour and hidden detail, high seriousness and eye-twinkling allusions side by side. Paper Dolls at Blacks Club brings together a collection of his signature abstract collage works on vintage sewing patterns, alongside a set of six figurative self-portraits, where Narielwalla casts himself as a mysterious Geisha. Inspired by a chance encounter in the streets of Soho, the artist is lured into an exploration of the far-east and takes the viewer along, as he conjures up paper dolls from Japan, hidden places, people and portraits.

Paper Dolls Catalogue

Tom French

Tom French

November 2017 - Bar and Snug

'Born in 1982, Tom French grew up in Newcastle Upon Tyne, North East England. Tom began his studies at the Newcastle School of Art and Design and went on to graduate from the Sheffield Institute of Art and Design achieving a first class BA Honors in 2005.

Through his work, French focuses on the reflection of the conscious and unconscious mind. His oil paintings are a skillful combination of academic realism and surrealism, enveloped in carefree, loose and ostensibly unfinished abstract forms.

This unique fusion of figurative realism and lively abstraction treads the fine line between the beautiful and the unsettling, allowing layers of narrative to filter through whilst bringing life and movement to his compositions.'

William Hogarth - Moralising art

William Hogarth - Moralising art

Permanent collection - Staircase

Best known for his moral and satirical engravings and paintings, William Hogarth was the first great English-born artist to attract admiration abroad.

“Hogarth has no school, nor has he ever been imitated with tolerable success.” — William Hogarth

Born in England on November 10, 1697, William Hogarth began at a private drawing school, where he joined other students drawing from casts and live models. His first dated painting is The Beggar's Opera (1728), which emphasises Hogarth's prevailing interests: His involvement with the theatre and with down-to-earth, comic subjects. Though never neglected, Hogarth is chiefly remembered for his satiric engraving more than his painting. He died on October 26, 1764.

Andrew Meredith - Introversion

Andrew Meredith - Introversion

Jan - March 2018 - Den

Andrew studied Photography at Falmouth College of Arts, graduating in 2002 with Honours.

Andrew’s editorial and personal projects have also gained his photography high-profile recognition from industry press. He was awarded ‘Best in Book’ in Creative Review’s Photography Annual for his Slaughterhouse series. His third project to be featured in the annual. Shortly after, Andrew’s first solo exhibition opened in 2010 at Riverside Studios, London, and later transferred to London’s famous Truman Brewery. The exhibition featured a selection of images from Excursions, a project showcasing images captured while traveling in South America. Andrew’s next personal project ‘Hashima’ documented the former Japanese mining Island of the same name which was exhibited at Photofusion in 2014 later transferring to the Ace Hotel walls in 2015.

Andrew is currently working on ‘Introversion’. A project exploring spatial nothingness.

His loyal clients include: Mother, Chanel, Burberry, Selfridges, Hermes, Penhaligons, Ace Hotel, Moooi, Google, Jo Loves, Laufen, Grohe, HansGrohe, Frame Magazine, Icon Magazine, Dwell Magazine, Blueprint Magazine, Ideat Magazine, Elle Décor, Penguin Books, Laurence King Publishing, Esquire Magazine, Renzo Piano, Balmond Studio, Jamie Fobert Architects, Stiff & Trevillion, Universal Design Studios, Barber & Osgerby, Johnson Ribolla, Ballymore.

Stuart Patience - Illustrator

Stuart Patience - Illustrator

Feb 2018 - April 2018

Stuart Patience is a freelance illustrator based in London. He is represented by Heart Agency, both in London and New York.

Selected Clients:            
The Guardian, New York Times, Chipotle, Camden Town Brewery, The Telegraph, Wallpaper* Magazine, Secret Garden Party, Aultmore Whisky, W Magazine, The Barbican, Pushkin Press, Little White Lies, The Big Issue, London College of Fashion, E4, Purdey & Sons Gunmakers, Oliver Ruuger, Topshop, London Sinfonietta, Saville Row, Super Superficial

Baldwin Gallery - The Sublunary World

Baldwin Gallery - The Sublunary World

June - August 2017

The Sublunary World brings together the polymorphic figures of Royal Academician Tim Shaw’s Middle World with the Anthropocene skulls and Future Imperfect body-landscapes of Canadian photographer David Ellingsen and the self-portraiture of photographer Meryl McMaster.

Gina Soden - Art in ruins

Gina Soden - Art in ruins

March-May 2017 - First floor

Rather than taking a documentary approach, Soden breathes a sense of life into the scenes, hinting at narrative with studied compositions. Characteristically each image has a distinctly painterly aesthetic, side stepping the tendency that photography has for observational and distanced looking.

Tomo Campbell - The Hunt

Tomo Campbell - The Hunt

Nov 2016 - Jan 2017

Inspired by a diverse array of source material, Tomo Campbell’s large-scale oil paintings are produced in a manner that he sees as akin to free jazz: constantly altering, extending and breaking down conventions. His abstracted depictions of ‘traditional’ subjects such as hunting, parades and explorers are, as he puts it, ‘never quite solid or whole’, yet they exude an extraordinarily rich sense of vision. ‘I try to paint in a way that makes the paint vibrate’, says Campbell, ‘to make it look light and delicate and on the cusp of shifting’. His bold, layered arrangements of complementary colours, reminiscent of the Rococo, offer multiple focal points and keep the eye in constant motion. Balancing activity and stasis, confidence and doubt, his works occupy a fertile space somewhere between the known and the undiscovered.

Vito Drago

Vito Drago

Sept-Nov 2017 - Club room

Vito Drago is an Italian-born artist who studied firstly in Milan and then at Central St Martin's School of Art, London. His solo exhibition Quesito indagine espediente was held in the Castello Beccadelli di Marineo in his hometown of Palermo, Sicily.

Drago works in a variety of media and many of the works illustrated here reflect his interest in the materiality of books and documents. Recent works have included a series of light-boxes - his Vanitas series, which allude to 'the ultimate futility of attempts to control appearance' by imposing pierced outlines of schematic 'fashion' designs on to medical x-ray film sheets.

Baldwin Gallery

Baldwin Gallery

Dec 2016 - Feb 2017

Excerpts from Mobile Forms: Parisian Abstraction to Amerindian Pop